Video Production by Subscription for Small Business.

Create Weekly Videos

For Your Social Media and Website

With a Video Production by Subscription package from Concept, you get a reliable feed of cost-effective professionally filmed video content. These videos of up to 2 minutes each are considered the ' holy grail' of digital marketing, our video content is now affordable for most marketing strategies.

New audiences demand authenticity in the content they watch. AI generated video content simply won't cut it, leading to fewer views and minimal engagement.

This new video production by subscription package has been updated to include monthly filming at professional TV Studios. No fake presenters, AI voiceovers or low budget animations! Just real people, talking about your business, your products and your services.

Video Production by Subscription Packages

6 Month Subscription minimum duration. All Prices are subject to the addition of VAT at 20%. Ratecard Day Rate: £2830

July 2024 Offers:



per month.
One-Off Price: £405 - SAVE: 32% - £130 per month!
  • Monthly 1hr Studio Filming Session.

  • For Weekly Video Content
    (52 videos per year for just £64 each!)

  • An initial 2 Hour Content Planning Workshop:
      Brand Familiarisation
      Competitor Research
      Audience Search Trends and SEO knowledge
      Content Calendar
      One year of video titles planned
      Scriptwriting for the first session & scriptwriting toolkit.

  • Your Logo superimposed on screen.

  • Optional Upgrade: Add a Professional Presenter from just £190 per session.

Subscribe for £275+vat per month:

VAT at 20% is £55.00. Total Payable: £330.00 including VAT. per month

Buy one-off for £405+vat:

VAT at 20% is £81.00. Total Payab;e £486.00 including VAT.




per month.
One-Off Price: £809 - SAVE: 22% - £184 per month!

Make your video content stand out with everything from the Silver package, plus these additional features:

  • Half-day Studio Production Session.

  • Full Script Support . Our producer will read and edit your scripts to make them even more effective.

  • Make your videos even more impressive with more audio-visual elements:

    • Stock footage from our extensive library.
    • Soundtrack - Add a music backing track to your videos, fully licensed.
    • Personalise your video - By adding your presentation slides, images or video clips.
    • Use of professional Graphics & Titles to illustrate key points.
    • Use multiple green-screen backdrops your backdrop
    • Video Thumbnail Creation to increase social engagement.
    • Use multiple green-screen backgdrops.

  • OPTION: Add a professional presenter - Ideal for product video presentations or where you cannot / don't want to attend the shoot.

  • Additional 2 hour Editing Session after each filming session to select and add rich video content

Including Presenter

for £1000+vat per month:

VAT at 20% is £200.00. Total payable £1,200.00 including VAT per month.

Subscribe for £625+vat per month:

(Without Presenter)

VAT at 20% is £125.00. Total payable £750.00 including VAT per month.

Buy one-off for £809+vat

(Without Presenter)

VAT at 20% is £161.80. Total payable £970.80 including VAT.




per month.
One-Off Price: £4043 - SAVE: 65% - £2628 per month!

Everything from the Gold package, plus :

  • Full Day Filming Session.

  • Choose to Film at YOUR Location or our TV Studio.

  • Or LIVE Stream for up to 2 hours
    From the Studio or your location.

  • Video Thumbnail Creation to increase social engagement.

  • OPTION: We can post your video on your social media. We schedule, upload and release your videos

  • Additional 2 hours Editing and up to 1 hour of changes.

Subscribe for £1415+vat

(Without Presenter)

Price £1415 excluding VAT. VAT 20% at £283.00 is £1,698.00 including VAT.

Buy one-off for £4043+vat

(Without Presenter)

VAT at 20% is £808.60. Total Payable: £4,851.60 including VAT.
Looking for more? - Click Here to see our Business Monthly Filming and Live Streaming Plans >

Why you need Video Content

  • 53x Better Search Engine performance (SEO).
    - Video on your web site increases the chance of a front page google listing by 53x. Our video production plan creates multiple videos which can be placed across the important pages of your web site. When getting up the search ranks is valuable to you, use video across your site to turbo your chances.

  • Better Social Media performance.
    - Daily video views continues to increase 400% year-on-year.
    - Half of all people prefer video content over any other type of content.
    - 91% of people watch video content on Instagram.
    - 85% of people want to see more video content from the brands and businesses they like.
    - 58% of people will watch all of a brand's business video if it is less than 60 seconds long.
    - Tweets get 6x more retweets and 10x more engagement if they contain a video.

  • Better Engagement & improved user experience.
    - 2.6x longer is spent by website visitors on your web page.
    - 80% increase in conversion rates when the page has video
    - People find complex subjects or feature / benefit information easier when it is presented in video form.

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What's included?

52 videos a year, scripted, filmed and edited, with an easy upgrade to more videos per week!

Why use more than one video?

Improved SEO performance, Lower PPC pricing, and Social Media algorithms prioritise the value of video content.

What else is needed?

This is a turn-key solution, so nothing else is needed! We manage the entire process - from running Creative Workshop sessions to plan the videos we will film, professional scriptwriting, through to filming at a UK Television Studios with broadcast quality equipment.

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Compare Subscription Plans

Silver Gold Platinum
Example Example Video. Example Video.
Average cost per video from £64 from £145 from £327
Weekly Social Media Video Content
Studio Filmed Explainer Videos
Video Adverts for digital
Video Case Studies
Communication Video
HR Video
Product Videos
Training Videos
Instruction Videos
Live Streaming
Full Conference Live Streaming with
LIVE Graphics, Q&A, Deligate Breakout Rooms Options.
TV Adverts
Content Workshop
Option to add Filming Sessions (Cost pro-rata)
Filming at Professional TV Studios
Filming at your chosen UK Locations
HD Broadcast Cameras
Stock Footage
Licensed Music Soundtrack
* Excluding broadcast use
* *
Presenter Optional Optional Optional
Studio Voiceover Script Recording (House Artist)
Ratecard Discount for additional services. 5% 10% 15%

Terms and conditions apply.

Click here to read the terms and conditions.

  • Minimum Subscription Duration 12 Months, rolling agreement.
  • Location and Event filming within a 120 mile radius of UK Postcode LU7 0UU. Location filming subject to mileage, transport, sustenance and accommodation costs.
  • TV Advert Production is subject to additional compliance, license and talent fees. Inclusion covers studio production.
  • Use of teleprompter subject to availability & supply of pre-agreed script 24 hours prior to filming.
  • Content is licensed as per individual assets. In most cases content, music soundtracks for example, do not include a broadcast license for TV Adverising for example, but do come with a license for digital use, websites and social media for example. Additional use licenses may be able. License terms available on request. Ask for further information. Licenses are subject to the issuers terms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When is the video content released? ▼

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Special Offer for Digital Agencies and Marketing Agencies...

Add value to your proposition with access to high-quality video content. Statistically, SEO performance, PPC pricing, and Social Media engagement are all improved when a video content strategy is deployed as part of your marketing mix.

Video Content is now affordable for most marketing strategies because our cost-effective approach to creating video content, frequently and consistently.

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