Technical Video Production & Engineering Video Production

We are a specialist technical Video Production company.

There is nothing our video production team love more than filming technical or engineering video. We have worked with a great many advanced companies offering a vast and interesting range of complex electronic, eningeering and technical solutions. Additionally, we must confess to having a deep understanding of technology, having developed many of our own systems and have a staff deeply passionate about enthusiast technical projects! Here are just some of the businesses and industries we've created technical video content for over the last 18 years:

  • A global 'blue-chip' silicon fab plant machinery manufacturer.
  • UK based electronics design and manufacturing companies.
  • Industrial compressed air equipment manufacturers.
  • Computer and embedded system designers.
  • EV (electric Vehicle) designers and manufacturers.
  • Industrial tooling.
  • Heavy industry.
  • Mining equipment manufacturers.
  • Medical and Healthcare Industries.
  • Automatic door design and manufacturing companies.
  • Industrial battery power storage.
  • Aerospace - Power generation test plants.

For new business, customer engagement and increased retention, use professional video production by the technical video specialists that speak your language!

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We produce a range of technical videos and engineering videos

A technical video is a very effective method of communicating technical or advanced subjects. Critically, you are in charge of how your audience receive the information about your product or service. With complex subjects, this is very important - the aspect of your specification or content that you want to champion can be impressively highlighted using technical videos. Win more business and sell more to your existing customer base.

  • Product or Service explainers.
  • Factory tours.
  • Capability flagging.
  • Technical explainer video.
  • PR video.
  • Project mini-documentaries - case study videos and video testimonials.
  • Time-lapse video content.
  • Assembly and instructional videos.
  • Targeted pitch video.
  • Technical Product Training Video.
  • Equipment demonstration videos.

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A photograph of the filming of the Bank Branch underground expansion project by Concept Media Group.

How to make a technical video

The first step is to arrange a Pre-Production workshop with us which includes familiarisation with your product or service. We will take your objectives and create a production script, which is then filmed and edited, ready for sharing or distribution.

How do you make a good technical video?

In our experience, the trend is to produce a number of videos around a subject, instead of one long multi-layered technical video production. Smaller videos allow technical content and complex subjects to be understood more effectively. Furthermore, you can signpost people to video topics more suitable to their needs, increasing the potential Return On Investment (ROI) for your video activities.

How much do technical videos cost?

Our technical video production services can be brought in for one-off projects on a day-rate basis, or more regularly and more cost-effectively via our 'Video Production by Subscription' service. Contact us for pricing

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