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Concept Video Production was founded in the creation of video ads back in 2004. Our work in video advertising has ;

  • created millions of pounds worth of sales,
  • sold hundreds of thousands of products,
  • grown brands and increased consumer recognition.

When creating video ad content, we are focused on the most important goal, a tangiable Return On Investment (ROI). Once we have understood those objectives and researched the marketplace, we then set about the creation process for a video ad that is intended from the outset to achieve your goals.

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How do you make a Video Ad?

The professional creation of a video ad is the difference between success, engagement and sales or high ad spend and low performance. We use the same video ad production process and equipment that we use for our broadcast TV Advertising projects.

We do more than just focus on high quality video content and crystal clear sound, we also ensure your video ad has a compelling narrative. Video ads must be identifiable to their audience, get the principal of the communication across and convey brand and proposition, all within three seconds. The rest of the time after that is spent further defining the proposition to a listening audience, moving swiftly to a call to action - showing how your audience can engage with the proposition, buying the product for example.

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Where do video ads run?

Video ads can be used in two form. The first being paid position. Paid ads are either played free of charge to a viewer (a video ad impression), with a cost incurring when they engage witht he proposition (pay per click) or less frequently are are placed across media at a fixed cost per period (traditional display advertising), sponsored website advertising, broadcast TV advertising or Digital Signage for example. Alternatively, video ads are used across a brand's website or their social media accounts.

Digital Media Buying for video ads

We can both create your video ad and place it across any media, digital or real-world, across the UK and worldwide.

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