Social Media Video Production. How to create regular content.

Social Media Videos Increase engagement

Video puts your content above the rest of the noise on social media. Social Media Video content is a crucial part of the content mix onsocial media platforms. If you don't create video content, you're missing out on the significant uplift in exposure social media platforms push to video and 'rich' content.

Creating regular video content can be expensive or if done in-house, often doesn' measure up to the quality of the rest of your brand experience. This is why we offer Video Production by Subscription, which is a way to consistently achieve the quality standards you brand requires, but at a much lower cost compared to ad-hoc production commissioning.

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A photograph of high quality social media video filming.

How we create a regular stream of social media video content

The most important to our Social Media Video Content creation service is that we take the heavy-lifting of content creation off your shoulders. We use various techniques, such as devising video content production and drop calendar, Gantt chart planning, professional script copywriting, and our expertise in the TV Advertising industry.

  • Content scoping
  • Pre-Production Workshops
  • Clustered content filming days
  • Scheduling of advance-recorded general social media video content and short-turnaround current affairs / topical content.

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A photograph of social media video content production.

See an example of our Social Media Video Content

We undertake regular social media video production for both business, enterprise and non-profits across the UK. In many cases, we can film as many as 20 videos in a single day's shoot, ensuring you are kept supplied with video content to plan, but without imposing disruption on your daily activities.

This video shows one of our regular highly-targed social media video content productions, which demonstrate both a style of production and the sort of content that goes into successful social media video content.

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Bring your location to life

As a team of experienced videographers, we know exactly how to get the best angle on anything, anywhere. A good video composition shows off your location in it's best possible light. We combine shot framing, lighting and camera movement to get the most out of your location.

Video content is a step above photographs when it comes to the time your audience spends on your content. Furthermore, it is easier to communicate your proposition using social media video content. A mix of shots with a combined voiceover is the most effective way for your audience to build an understanding of what you are trying to say.

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A photograph of a location filming for social media video content

Why create Social Media Videos?

Many of the on-trend social media sites are solely dedicated to video content such as YouTube and TikTok, with Instagram moving heavily over to video as it's preferred format. On LinkedIn, video content stands out from the trawl of text and image posts. And B2C platforms such as Facebook can see substantial uplifts in retained engagement from real audiences.

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