Explainer Video Production Service. Video explains better!

Professional Explainer Video Production can enhance you chances of success

Explainer Videos are an incredibly powerful way to communicate a proposition in very short time. They grab attention on social media platforms, engage the widest potential audience, and have the potential put your proposition a mile ahead of your competitors.

They can be used to give detailed or summary views of anything such as technology, new products or services, and apps, etc.

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A photograph of Tevva filming an explainer video with Concept Media Group

When people engage with you and your content in video, they understand better

People are able to understand even the most complex ideas if you guide them through a your proposition. Given that people make their minds up about almost everything in the first few seconds of engagement, their first experience with your proposition is critical.

Video allows you to control those moments, ensuring you start with your strongest benefits.

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A photograph of a person being filmed for an explainer video by Concept Media Group.

Why make an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos get you noticed. Here are just some of the reasons people choose to make explainer videos with us:

  • Explainer Videos increase positive brand perception.
  • Communicate important features or processes.
  • Demonstrate new technology.
  • Breakdown complex issues.
  • Support product pages with 'rich content' - a great way to engage and support distributors and retailers.
  • Reduce support and logistics (returns) costs.
  • Excite and Engage your audiences.

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A photograph of an explainer video production by Concept Media Group.

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