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Onboarding staff and customers made easier with Training Videos

Compliance with Health and Safety Executive obligations and consistently delivering effective training to all kinds of people can be challenging. Use Training videos instead to ensure your training happens consistently and professionally, every time.

Monitor compliance and log video training participation

We also create and deploy e-learning portals to which log participation, run Q&A or Quiz sessions, and then log the results of the training session to monitor the level of compliance and understanding accross the organisation.

People trust People

If a written text, or even if a person 'tells us' to do something, human nature is to immediately think about why it may be impractical to do that thing.
However, psychologically, when we see another person doing something, we trust implicitly that what they are doing is both possible, and we feel compelled to master the skill ourselves.

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We run a learning management system (LMS) called Knocast which makes hosting training videos and managing user profiles easy. This is included as part of our Video Production by Subscription offers, or available separately.

A photograph of professional training video production.

Filmed demonstrations cannot be mis-interpreted.

People find a training video is always easier to understand. Here's why:

  • Text based training materials are ineffective at providing real-life context to the participant. They can also blur into a haze of legalease. Training videos bring text-based procedural obligations to life in realistic and recognisable work environments.
  • By showing the actual locations and both correct and (where viable) incorrect examples, people become familiar with not only the letter of the rule, but broadly the expectations of their employer.
  • TLR's (three letter acronyms) and other industry terminology are brought to life in an immediately understandable way.

The phrase "A picture says a thousand words" is absolutely true. People are living entities, they are not encyclopedias, nor are they procedural handbooks. It is important to communicate with people in the most effective way to achieve the transfer of knowledge required.

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A photograph of a forklift training video made by Concept Media Group.

Training Videos should be Accessible to all.

Accessibility of training material to people of all abillities is now not only desirable, it is a legal requirement. Our training videos are fully accessible to people withj reduced ability. Our training videos include:

  • Subtitles for all spoken words and relevant sound descriptions
  • Clarity in sound. Everyone that can hear, should be able to understand the spoken narrative without disturbance from overly keen backing soundtracks or environmental noise.
  • Visual representations wherever possible to ensure people have the best possible opportunity to understand the training content.
  • Transcripts.

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A photograph of a training video presenter.

Why Training Videos are both consistent & effective.

When administering training, your objective is the successful transfer of critical knowledge to help someone achieve an outcome without that person having need to experience the failures and risks previously identified. This no only improves productivity, it also creates a far safer environment. The only negative is the vast quantity of knowledge that can be accumulated.
Training video offers a way to quickly prioritise and demonstrate that content, transferring knowledge in a curated, prioritised and optimised way.

Consistency is your most important metric

Traditional in-person training can be inconsistent in quality and content, and is also costly in human resources.

A video's performance does not change between each training session, nor does it feel ill, nor does it react to interruption. Helping individual people with occasional support does not hold back the other participants. Training videos ensure consistency, time after time, which is a critical requirement when tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people depend on the training you provide.

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A photograph of video production for how we film a training video.

Health and Safety videos.

In many professional environments, you need to provide suitable training of staff, contractors, visitors, customers and other stakeholders before they can enter risk spaces. A health and safety video provides safety to your people and protection to your business.

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A photograph of health and safety training video filming sessions.

Software Training videos.

Even the most logical software can appear daunting. Software training videos are an excellent way to demystify the complexities software can present. Software training videos mitigate delays and reduce the load on your onboarding or re-training obligations. We have produced training videos demonstrating everything from standard office tools through to SaaS (Software as a Service) and customised software platforms. Software training videos are best kept short and to the point. We often break the content down into overview or specific task videos to provide the best user experience.

Videos can provide immediate, faster support!

When placed next to the software tools in use, software training videos can deliver immediate cost-free resolution, improving both support costs and employee performance. These videos can be provided as part of a training guide, or even edited to small topics which are embedded in or alongside the software itself.

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A photograph showing the making of a software training video.

Assembly Training Videos and Video Manuals.

How many times have you heard people joke about not reading the instruction manuals, or saying they're difficult to understand? Significantly reduce you returns and support costs by providing a QR code linked directly to short video guides. Always have access to the latest video content, making it easy to update if user feedback shows additional needs - all without re-printing or worse, recall costs!

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A photograph of a film crew making an assembly video.

Industrial / Factory and Machinery Training video.

Factories, Warehouses, or indeed any industrial space represents both a risk to the workers and the company. We film at your premises, showing how to move and work safely in these spaces.

Companies that used real visuals of their locations improve their non-accident performance

Instead of using descriptions or generic pictures of hazards, our camera crew (safely!) shoot demonstrations and visuals of the real spaces people work in. Once someone has seen the workplace training video, there can be no excuse for failing to observe workplace safety, from High-Vis and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), moving and handling through to behaviour in restricted access spaces.

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A photograph of filming an industrial health and safety video.

How to make training video.

The process of training video production follows our pre-defined production plan. Our goal is to minimise disruption to your business whilst filming is underway.

  • We work with you to create an engaging & relevant script, whilst keeping video length appropriate.
  • We use the same broadcast cameras and filming techniques that we use for our other corporate and broadcast work.
  • Professional microphones and voiceover artists deliver crisp & clear sound and dialogue.
  • Autocue (teleprompters) available for a easy, fast and professional recording experience, even when using your own staff to present the content.
  • For time-critical requirements, we could deliver your edited video the same or next day (ask for details).
  • Current Covid-Safe government guidelines are always followed.

During Pre-Production and script-writing, we will convert your training syllabus in to effective training video scripts.

We take the time to understand both your requirements, and also your content. Training syllabus and your existing content provide the material for the initial framework our video production specialists use. From there, we identify content that is more effectivly communicated as filmed sequences.

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A photograph of training video production at Concept Media Group.

How much do training videos cost?

Our service is taylored to your requirements and our pricing is competitive. Typically the process involves a pre-production session to review content and reccy filming spaces. Once a script is written, we then undertake filming and supporting asset creation. Finally, we edit the video, completing a round or two of feedback amends to ensure the video we produce achieves your requirements.
One-off training videos can usually be produced on a day-rate basis.

We often produce a series of video, or a rolling programme of training video content creation for e-learning platforms. In this case, we offer a more cost-effective method of production in through our 'Video Production by Subscription' service.

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