Videos for apps inspire longer use and repeat engagement.

Improve User Experience and Stand Out with App Videos...

Embed videos within your apps and software to explain functionality, increase usage and improve user experience.

Mobile Apps are an essential part of the digital eco-system. Not only do they expand your brand engagement, they also deliver logitistical and feature benefits to your current proposition.

We provide video production for apps developers and tech companies world-wide. Our broadcast quality video is perfectly suited to professional applications.

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A photograph of a person having an improved experience with their mobile app thanks to a support video.

User Experience is everything

There are many reasons why dedicated app videos work well. Here are just a few of them:

  • Apps with videos are impressive - stand out from the crowd!
  • Demonstrations are quicker and easier to understand than text support.
  • Reduce support and logistics (returns) costs as users can resolve their own issues watching a short dedicated video.

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A photograph of mobile app development using video content

How to use video in apps

So many apps are just cut-down versions of a web site. People often just prefer to use the web site over loading on a dedicated app. However, there are plenty of use-cases for mobile apps or software. Make your app stand out from the mass of other apps by integrating video content.

  • Improve the visual experience.
  • Provide small topical support videos, clickable from each part of your app.
  • Warm up the experience, taking your users through each step of a process.
  • Film real people to enhance and humanise your user's experience.

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A photograph of a video app presenter recording a voiceover at Concept Media Group.

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