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Sell more products using Product Video

A product video makes your product stand out from all the other noise in your market place. When it comes to selling your product, you have a very limited time to attract the attention of your buyer. Retailers and e-commerce are also more likely to give products with rich content (with a product video for example) preferential positioning.

  • 85% of people are more likely to watch.
  • Increase confidence in your product over competitors.
  • Search engines reward products with product video content (SEO).
  • When surveyed, people said they actively looked for products with videos to fill their knowledge gaps.
  • Reduce support and returns logistics by adding an instructional element.
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How to make Product Videos that make your products stand out

Product videos should follow a slick, familiar format to maintain the interest of the viewer. People watch product videos either to make a buying decision, to learn how to use a product or to troubleshoot a problem.

  • Introduce the benefits and features.
  • Unbox the product to show all the included parts. This can improve the perspective of value.
  • Show at least one product use example.
  • Optionally show some 'easy fixes' based on feedback from your support teams. Instead of portraying your product in negative light, this product video sequence inspires confidence that the product works and you as a brand look after your customers.

How to achieve cost-effective Product Video Production

At Concept Production, we have a developed two refined workflows for creating effective product videos. The first product video production workflow facilitates the creation of one-off video for a single product. The second product video production workflow is designed to facilitate the creation of product video content for large quantities of products on scale. Our creative processes are streamlined efficiently. We also employ the talents of professional presenters and voiceover artists to reduce the number of takes needed to achieve the perfect product video.

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How to use Product Videos

More trust, more presence, more engagement, increase product sales

Product videos are the most cost-effective way to dramatically improve your sales potential.

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