Executive Business Report - Video & Podcast Production.

A complete Video & Podcast Production Package

The Executive Business Report is a ready-to-go “Off-Shelf” video & Podcast production service. It includes everything you need - not only filming, but also a complete content plan and full guidance.

If you have not organised a video production previously, this video production service is an ideal turn-key solution. Ideal for organisations that would benefit from the professionalism and polish of a professionally filmed quarterly report.

Create a platform for your Business Line Managers, Finance / HR / Senior Management Team to brief employees and other stakeholders within your organisation.

Share the video and podcast internally via your newsletter or intranet, or we can host it for you using our Knocast LMS & Comms app.

Competitive pricing and discounted subscription options, including fast turnaround. We can film and edit your Executive Business Report in as little as 2 weeks.

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What are the benefits of Professional Filming?

Professionally filmed content mitigates the 'erms' and the drifting (increasingly time-consuming) presentation style of a live (Teams / Zoom / Stand-up) meeting.

The Executive Report approach also neatly segregates detailed company performance and strategy from the daily task / granular project view. This content creates a distinction and a layer of importance over the 'daily or weekly' team meeting.

Your audience will appreciate and respect the concise nature of the experience.

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Why add this production to your communications strategy

...when Zoom, or Teams is available?

Quarterly video statements serve as an important strategic communication tool in any organisation:

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Clear Messaging

Given the care and preparation that goes into a quarterly video statement, they offer the opportunity to deliver well-thought-out, clear, and impactful messaging. This contrasts with the real-time, ad-hoc nature of Zoom or Teams meetings, where messaging can sometimes be lost or unclear, or periodic emails which are often left unread.

Greater Reach

Not everyone can attend weekly meetings due to time for a variety of reasons, but a well-produced video statement can be viewed anytime, anywhere, increasing accessibility and ensuring that no one misses out on important information. You can also track engagement with content as part of a continuous improvement process, leading to better communications.

Formal and Professional Tone

Quarterly video statements provide a more formal, professional tone, reflecting the significance of the content being discussed. This formal setting helps to differentiate important strategic discussions from routine operational updates.

By contrast...

Weekly meetings or standups are crucial for ongoing coordination, immediate problem-solving, and regular team communication. Both are necessary but serve different purposes within an organisation's communication strategy.

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How the Video Production process works

Our 'Off-Shelf' business video production service is more than just cameras and editing. We provide end-to-end support, from content planning to filming and editing.

Content Planning Workshop

We have a complete production plan which we can adapt to your needs. This includes a structure of the video, how to present your content in an engaging way and how to get the best out of your management team. We run our workshop sessios in person or remotely via Zoom or Teams (depending on your preference).

We can also run sessions with your team to ensure they are comfortable with, and prepared for the filming process. Let us know if you need us to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) at this stage.


Once we have the content plan in place, along with timings and scripts, we then schedule filming. We can film from your offices, a location of your choosing, or at our TV studio. We will prepare filming slots

Video Production

The production day includes the filming of all elements. The 'Call Sheet' we create during the Pre-Production stage will ensure people attend their filming slots on time and have their scripts loaded into a teleprompter (if required).

If you have selected a professional presenter, they will be in attendance to ask the leading questions, adding a further dyamic to the recording.

Behind the scenes imagery can also be created, which is typically used for boosting engagement via social media or internal comms.

Post-Production - (Graphics, Editing & Mastering)

The video footage is graded, cut and mixed into a slick corporate communication video. Graphics are produced with your logotype and lower-thirds (Name titles). Any slides or short videos are also inserted at this stage.#

We send previews for you to review and feedback on. We can work with your brand-guidelines or marketing team to ensure the content we produce is on-brand. Once complete, we master for your chosen playback platform.

Optional: Playback Platform

We can supply your video, podcast and transcript in a format that is ready to upload to your chosen platform. We can also upload the video for you. We can also provide a secure video hosting platform (Knocast), with analytics and password protection, if required.

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