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Video Production Services
for Broadcasters

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Easy & Low Cost Video Production for Broadcasters

Since 2004 we’ve created content that has been broadcast around the world. Concept Production Services offers simple, low cost video production for broadcasters.

Concept’s service is scalable; from single assets through to complete television series’ production.

Our work is regularly broadcast across the UK. We’re quite used to being the ‘white-label’ ‘in-house’ production company for TV Channels, both locally and nationally.

Our content includes TV Commercials, TV Programming, voice-overs, TV channel & sponsor stationary and more. We’ve got every content requirement covered.

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    TV Programming

    With 17 years in broadcasting content production at Concept Television Studios Limited, we know what makes great content. We can devise and make programmes with a new level of affordability. And we can make them with a brilliant team of creatives at our disposal, along with a fantastic range of Production and Post-Production equipment.

    Chat shows and mini-documentaries are our speciality.  If you need affordable content for your TV channel, or even just a low-cost pilot, we can help!

    TV Adverts

    The TV Commercial Production part of our TV Advertising business is at the disposal of TV Broadcasters.  We’re also happy to sign NDA agreements and create TV ads as if we were your internal production crew.

    And because we have extensive experience with Clearcast since 2004 (when they were called the BACC…), you can rest assured we won’t be making any silly mistakes with your advertiser’s claims.  Useful to know if you’re self-clearing ads for your TV Channel.

    Studio Facilities and Production Crew

    • Studio backgrounds & Green Screen
      Black & White Backgrounds or Green & ReflecMedia.
    • Broadcast Studio Cameras
      Blackmagic 6k RAW, Blackmagic URSA 4k (UHD) RAW, Cinema Camera 2K RAW, and more!
    • A variety of UHD lenses
      An excellent range of camera glass from Canon and Samyang
    • Viewing Gallery
    • Studio Lighting
      LED panels with diffuse, gels & reflectors. Pantographs, lighting grid, C-Stands, etc.
    • Sound Equipment
      Sony & Sennheiser radio lapel mics, RODE and Sennheiser Rifle Mics, SHURE Performance Mics, SD Recorders, etc.
    • Live remote previewing of content and takes.
      100 mb/s Internet (Fibre to the Premises) for studio Zoom streams.
    TV Channel Branded Graphics & Sponsor Idents

    Voiceover Recording

    Send your script to us, or ask us to create one for you.  Our in-house artist will record and send back recordings same-day, or we can record live on a Zoom call with you.

    We provide Equipped Camera Crew for location filming

    DOP, Sound and Lighting equipped crews available for ENG and video production work.

    Save money with Video Production by Subscription

    This video production is eligible for our Video Production By Subscription offer. Save your time & money on this and other video productions.