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Video Production by Subscription
Case Study

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A case study of how Video Production by Subscription saved a company money

Video Production by Subscription ™ saves money when delivering content to serve the increased thirst for video content. All social media channels now require video content as a substantial part of their makeup. Video content is more likely to enjoy engagement when compared with simple text-based posts.

Discover how a company used our subscription model to deliver video content, but save time and money.

The Brief

  • Case Study
    Engineering & Manufacturing Company. UK Based.
  • Target Viewers
    Staff across multiple sites & Multi-disciplines. Shareholders, Stakeholders and Customers.
  • Requirements
    Improve quality of communication. Utilise video across multiple areas of the business including HR – induction, training & policy, communications and marketing.
  • Previous Strategy
    The company used email for most communications and contracted an external graphics design company to produce display ads. Video had been commissioned occasionally with different companies.
  • Challenges
    They wanted to use video more as it was proven to have delivered stronger results in both marketing and HR / comms. However, based on previous video production projects, they felt any increase in video production activity would be prohibitively expensive and consume too much staff time.

Our Proposal

We could film enough content for their weekly video share all within a monthly production subscription. This meant we planned on one day, filmed multiple videos on the next day and then scheduled the resulting video content to run weekly.

We took time to understand the company’s own workflow and ensured our working process fitted in smoothly. We ensure our production process does not disrupt day-to-day business, which is critical when you want the trust and buy-in of the people featuring in the videos.


Even with an uplift in the quantity of video content, the company found costs had remained the same. This was primarily due to multiple videos being filmed on one day. Staff felt happier and more comfortable with the video production process.

The response from the target viewers had also been strongly positive. The convenient and passive nature of video meant that more people were more likely to engaged with the company’s content.

For this company, Video By Subscription™ translated into a positive tangible ROI for both their marketing and communications objectives. Their subscription for our video production remains ongoing.

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