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Professional Video Blog Production Services

Businesses embrace the video blog medium as a way to stay in regular contact with their customers and stakeholders.

Why should your business start vlogging?

  • Increase sales.
    A low cost way to increase your ROI
  • Re-enforce your brand presence.
    Increase long term brand recall.
  • Demonstrate a specific competence
    Gain trust with potential customers.
  • Improve organic SEO
    Significantly increase search engine presence.

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    YouTube viewers watch more than 1 BILLION HOURS of video per day...

    It is impossible to escape the fact that digital video has exploded in recent years. And it its use by consumers and business is growing at an exponential rate! As shown in this article, digital video is being created and consumed in massive quantities. And without the typical distribution costs of TV or physical media, alongside a 24/7 anywhere-in-the-world reach thanks to smartphones, we now have a low cost, unpresidented level of access to the people we want to reach.

    How we create a professional Video Blog

    Professional video bloggers know that a sharp, stable picture and crystal-clear sound is a fundamental basic requirement of a successful video blog. That is why so many businesses use a professional video production company to assist in during the creation process.

    We guide our customers through the complete video blogging process, assisting with content planning and filming. Production is a very stright forward process. We start with a content planning workshop where we identify a schedule of potential content, which is then sorted into time-sensitive and general content. We then film and schedule the general content, with a separate schedule for filming with fast turnaround on timed event schedules.

    The Sethi Partnership Corporate Video Blog - Buying a new home.

    A complete digital strategy for Video Blog distribution

    Once we have filmed the initial run of video blogs, we will work with you to ensure you achieve the maxiumum distribution and viewership of your content. If required, we can also recommend a specialist digital agency to help you build on other areas of your social and digital presence. We regularly work with, and can highly recommend Wordsmith Digital as a preferred digital partner. Feel free to ask how we could work together to produce an engaging complete digital campaign.

    Build a captive audience with a regular Video Blog

    It is essential that your video blogs are regular. Your audience are more likely to subscribe and view your content if there is a weekly or monthly instalment, especially if they are released on a specific day and time. Video blogs that appear sporadically or less frequently than once a month simply become background noise – as YouTube users watch over 1 billion hours of video per day.

    That does not mean that you need to take regular time out of your schedule each week or month to film content. Our approach is to plan and create between 4-10 video blogs from each filming session, ensuring you can focus on your day-to-day activity. Our Video Blog Service has been designed with the real needs of business in mind.

    Video Blog media training

    We also provide media training to ensure you or your staff appear confident and professional. We exploit our television broadcast roots to utilise the best equipment in the industry, including cinema-grade camera equipment, high quality sound recording equipment (essential for a professional video blog) and an autocue system to put you at ease and improve your delivery during filming sessions.

    Controlled and Secure distribution of your Video Blog

    If you require controlled and monitored distribution of your content instead of the usual social media platform distribution, we operate a secured video portal. This is ideal for internal communications, especially when sensitive data in concerned. Ask us about our Concept LIVE platform.

    Affordable Production Costs

    A video blog should be a regular event. We have optimised our production service to fit the regular needs of business. We understand that budgets and time can be tightly controlled, so our approach ensures we deliver a high-quality production at a low overall cost in the most time-efficient manner. We achieve this in a number of ways. Firstly, we plan your video blog content in runs of 3, 6 or 12 months. Once we have identified more generalised content, e.g. standard advice, general topic discussion, we group together filming sessions. The effect of this is that only even-driven time-sensitive content requires dedicated fimling sessions.
    From a cost / invoicing perspective, most of our video blog customers take advantage of our retainer proposition, known as “Video by Subscription”. This service is based on a small monthly retainer, for which we assist in the creation of content, including all filming sessions and deliver finished video blog content ready for uploading to your specified distribution platform (social media, or our Concept LIVE system, etc). The Video by Subscription model ensures costs are predictable and spread for inclusion in annual budgets, but most importantly, ensures your video blog presence is regular.

    Want more information about our Professional Video Blog Producton service?

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