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Pharmacy Video Production increases retail loyalty in an increasingly digitized industry

To make your pharmacy stand out from the crowd of digital retailers and big brand high street names, we offer a specialist pharmacy video production service.

Independent pharmacies are increasingly utilising videos to encourage customer footfall and efficiently inform the public about the range of healthcare clinics and advice on offer.

We offer specialist video production for pharmacists across the UK. We can film out of hours if required and can deliver multiple videos from one filming session covering a range of topics. You can then boost engagement cross your web site and social media channels.

The following visuals are stills from videos we have filmed for other pharmacies and pharmaceutical organisations.

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    Introduce your pharmacy to new customers

    Pharmacy video production grows public confidence by showing your range of services & testimonials.

    90% have said they used video to help them make buying decisions.  People also spend 88% more time on your pages if they contain videos.

    Increase customer revenue

    Use mini videos to support more profitable clinics and treatments.  These will help you increase average revenue generated per customer.

    Introduce your range of treatments

    Demonstrate the range of treatments you have on offer.  Use impressive visuals to inspire engagement with your services and avoid the need for ‘cold’ service lists.

    Increase the options your patient feels they have by introducing ways to pay, including the financing of more expensive treatments.

    Prove compliance with hygiene and quality standards

    Give your patients peace of mind by showing your cleaning procedures and covid safe practices.

    Provide a welcoming experience

    A warm smile relieves many anxieties.  Use our video production service to direct a positive emotional journey from the very start.

    Let your customers know there’s more than medicines at your pharmacy

    Highlight your retail proposition to encourage non-healthcare related retail revenue.  Increased general footfall exposes your customer to value-added pharmacy services they previously may not have considered.

    Save money with Video Production by Subscription

    This video production is eligible for our Video Production By Subscription offer. Save your time & money on this and other video productions.