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The world's first GDPR Compliant Video Booth

Video booths are a brilliant way of engaging audiences and capturing valuable experiences and specific moments. However, new data protection and specifically GDPR laws have rendered the old-style video booth almost impossible to use.

Concept Television Studios Limited has teamed up with Leighton Electronics to create the world’s first GDPR Compliant Video Kiosk and Video Booth systems.

A fully customisable, compliant system.

Using a customisable intro video, the user is made aware of GDPR. They are asked by the booth’s VR robot character for their name and confirms that they are happy to proceed. The user’s response is recorded on the video. The booth then automatically controls external or built-in ‘studio’ lighting and captures any length of video.

This brand new technology has involved ground-up development of new software and hardware to create an easy to use experience for the user – that is compliant for marketing and general corporate, public or private use. Content can then easily be extracted thanks to a simple USB storage design.

GDPR and experience scripts can be customised, along with the robot’s VR environment.

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From a few hours installation at an event – corporate, wedding birthday or other (hire) – to permanent or semi-permanent installation (sale), Concept Booth is your GDPR compliant Video Booth!

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