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We provide professional filming services for Crowd Funding Video Production. Crowd Funding projects have grown in use exponentially due to the evolution of social media and consumption of popular entrepreneurial TV shows such as “Dragons Den”.

Crowd funding videos offer a potential investor a closer insight to your business proposition. The modern investor takes the form of anyone from your average employed worker through to cash-rich Business Angels or investment companies.

Professional Crowd Funding video production pricing

We offer a video production service that is both affordable and high-end. As our mainstay of work is Television Broadcast and Business Video Production, we have access to some very impressive equipment. A typical location filmed Crowd Funding Video Production typically costs between £1,500 and £5,000, depending on the project requirements. We also have a range of “in-studio” options starting at £1,250 for which we will film you pitch in our television studios.

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    Why use a Crowd Funding Video Production?

    With the sudden growth in entrepreneurial spirit, now more than ever, it has become essential to “stand out from the crowd”. A Crowd Funding video is a powerful way to engage potential investors and get them to believe in both you and your proposition. However, the modern successful crowd funding video has to be far more than a simple animated “whiteboard / cartoon” piece to attract serious investment.

    It is a fundamental basic of communication that people are more likely to engage with people (compared to animations or text). This is especially important when you want people to part with their hard earned cash. That is why our Crowd Funding Video Production proposition is based on filming sessions; not animation sessions.

    Crowd Funding Video Production at Nethergate Brewery

    How do we start a Crowd Funding Video Production?

    The first stage is to set up an initial Pre-Production Workshop. We will meet and run through your new business proposition and create a powerful communication structure. We will create a video strategy that will guide your viewer through your proposition, highlighting the positives and entice them to believe in the principle of the business, before closing with a compelling call to action.

    These are the key considerations when planning a crowd funding video production:

    • Deliver a convincing proposition to potential investors.
    • Show why your proposal is worth their investment.
    • Show your brand to be at the cutting edge of technology and modern communication methods.
    • A short video proposal will entice investors and leave them wanting more...
    • Experience the benefit of the increased engagement that video delivers.
    Crowd Funding Video Production for Nethergate Brewery

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