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Shorter Videos get better

With digital 'scrolling' habits and massive growth platforms like TikTok where video lengths are restricted, ensure your content gets viewed - and spend less time making it!

We all do it, scrolling through digital content on social platforms. Whether they are professional platforms like Linked In or Instagram, or Facebook and TikTok, the quick vetting
style of engagement has become the standard behaviour.

Ten years ago, we wouldn’t have thought twice about scripting content for 10 minute videos, 30 minute videos or even one hour videos to engage target prospects. And for most, this is still the way business content is produced. Since 2020, that has irreversibly changed. We have mastered the art of short content and can now advise and produce videos for you that are more likely to get viewed and will save you time and money.

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    Why people watch video content differently now

    You may not have embraced the new phenomenon that is TikTok, but it is with utmost confidence that we think you soon will. This isn’t a promotion for TikTok, nor a video content production service for it (although we do offer this.) TikTok exploits the change in the way we consume all kinds of content. Unlike other digital platforms that traditionally present longform material, Tiktok is exclusively for videos of 60 seconds or less, or live video streams.

    However, the shorter duration of the individual videos does not reduce the time people spend on the platform. In fact, there is a significant uplift in the time people spend viewing and engaging with shorter videos when compared to other more traditional social platforms. As of now, TikTok commands commands an average 51 minutes of our time per day, compared with just 38 minutes per days on Facebook and a surprisingly lower 49.1 minutes on YouTube, traditionally the long form video platform. This divide is growing daily and can be proven with a quick search.

    Simple maths suggest the following. 51 minutes equates to at least 51 different pieces of short video content viewed. The average duration of a YouTube video is just over 11 minutes. That equates to less than 5 pieces of content. You are more likely to be found by more targeted people with shorter content.

    The reasons for these changing trends are multiple. Although you cannot ignore the aggressive nature of content / interest matching algorithm on the TikTok platform over other Digital Platforms, the consumers of content experience a faster-paced world and do not have the time to dedicate to “SEO optimised / click-bate” paragraphs of rambling content. Instead, shorter videos get straight to the content the viewer wants, but crucially provides an immediate channel into a sales funnel (engagement) or into further experience with the content provider (your brand).

    More videos of shorter length does not translate into more cost and increased production time. To the contrary, production time is lessened overall as we focus on relevant topics, dropping the parts of the narrative your viewer is intelligent enough to already know or is capable of piecing together. We then film the single subject from various perspectives and create mini-narratives which form a more accurate match with the niche demands of your prospect.

    Our expertise as a company in the production of TV Advertising Campaigns has drilled this method of thinking into us from day one. With a restriction typically to 30 seconds, we have to provide a communication that delivers benefit / feature / brand experience effectively. We now use this expertise to deliver the same outcomes across digital platforms.

    Reasons this example video is better at less than 3 minutes, compared to a traditional 10 - 15 minute video production

    In the past, a good case study video would arrive to your prospect on physical media as the final convincer in your sales process. It would set the scene, show the brand, provide an experience narrative, introduce the customer, provide insight into their situation, show the supply process and gain a testimonial. That 30 minute mini-documentary is now 10 or more short 60 second to 3 minute videos.

    It makes your content easier to find and commands the viewers engagement. Here are some of the key aspects of modern, shorter video production:

    • At less than 3 minutes, this video provides everything your viewer needs to know about your processes and brand experience
      This video is the longest a topical video should be. Within 3 minutes we provide an in-depth view of the customer's needs and the supplier's capabilities.
    • The first 3 seconds are the most important.
      Your viewer forms a decision within the first 3 seconds whether to continue watching. Don't waste that time on logos or lengthy intros. Get straight to the point!
    • Stay topic focused.
      Our Video Production Workshops identify key aspects of your communication and structure the content of your short video.
    • Content order matters
      The logical order of content for your viewer is not the same order you would compose. In this example, we organise a case study in project narrative. This means your viewer is taken on a journey they are likely to want to experience, as opposed the actual sequence of events.
    • Voiceover and Montage content will reduce video length
      In the example video, we show how aligning appropriate story-telling visuals with purposeful verbal narratives can communicate multiple topics within even the shortest video durations.
    • Our Video By Subscription production option delivers both cost savings and an easy way to deploy video as a strategy across your business.
      We can produce multiple videos from scheduled single day shoots. Our service includes the organisation required to prepare and shoot content. We also shoot with multiple cuts of the same video to ensure suitability to multiple digital platforms.

    Discover how our Video By Subscription can save you money on your Video Production

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